Hiking in Stelvio National Park – flying high

Hiking at Stelvio National Park is all about exploring the ca. 250 km of marked hiking trails leading through unspoiled and breath-takingly beautiful nature. Blaze the trails on the discovery of local flora and fauna, explore the highest mountains in South Tyrol and get ready for some real adventure!

Hiking in Stelvio National Park

Hiking in Stelvio National Park brings about stillness, adrenaline, amazement, time to be and reflect – all in one. Everything is possible here, in the midst of unspoiled nature. Discover Ortler mountain, with 3,905 metres the highest summit in South Tyrol, explore the peaks of the Ortler-Cevedale-group and head off to majestic alpine meadows and take in the breath-taking views. Thanks to the hiking shuttle your car is officially on holiday, too, peacefully parked in front of our Hotel in Stilfs while you head off for some serious hiking in Stelvio National Park. If you prefer to embark on a mountain voyage together with an expert, take part in our guided hikes happening three times per week. Or, alternatively, register with the local alpine school and take a hike with the pros. You find a vibrant range of beautiful hiking trails in Stelvio National Park, from themed trails over high treks and via ferratas. Our hotel is a great starting point for leisurely strolls to alpine pastures and cottages, for tours across the fragrant woods or for treks in high altitude.

Learning through play while hiking in Stelvio National Park

Learning through play: while hiking in Stelvio National Park, families – but really everyone with an interest in nature’s wonders – will find a great number of exciting themed walks with informative features addressing various themes of Stelvio National Park in the most fascinating way. These trails include the root trail with skilfully crafted wood sculptures, the NATURAronda on the discovery of nature’s highlights and the Gumperle trail where you can find out all about local animals. These lovely themed trails are ideal for everyone, but especially for families with young chidren.

Hiking in Stelvio National Park: our tips

Venosta high trail

The Venosta/Vinschgau high trail extends over 108 km, leading from Stava/Staben to Resia or Reschen Pass across this multi-faceted holiday region. The trail is mainly set on the sunny side of Venosta/Vinschgau and partly takes you over the renowned Venosta/Vinschgau “waalwege”, trails along ancient water irrigation systems.


Venosta’s ancient water channels: “waalwege”

Next to hiking in Stelvio National Park we also recommend you a leisurely stroll on the Venosta/Vinschgau “waalwege”. These trails were built a few centuries ago along with the channels, the so-called “waale”, used for field irrigation during droughts. Some of the most popular “waalwege” of the region are those in Malles/Mals, Gloronzo/Gluns and Sluderno/Schluderns. 

Summit tours: 3,000 meters and higher

An undisputed highlight when hiking in Stelvio National Park is the ascent to one of the legendary local mountain peaks. If you embark on this adventure, we highly recommend you to get together with an expert guide and thoroughly study the weather forecast, even if you are an experienced hiker; it pays off to be careful here. Your efforts to plan your hiking tours in Stelvio National Park are highly rewarded: with fantastic views from Ortler, Cima di Beltovo/Hintere Schöntaufspitze, Cima Solda/Suldenspitze and Co.

Culinary treats when hiking in Stelvio National Park

During your walking holidays in the Alps hiking in Stelvio National Park brings you face to face with a whole range of inviting alpine cottages waiting to see to your every culinary needs, dishing up scrumptious knödel (heavenly local dumplings in a wild many variations), hearty pasta or sweet, sweet strudel (local apple pie, a must during your hiking holidays in Stelvio National Park). Also the mountain refuges, offering shelter for hikers during the night, serve homemade culinary delights which provide the necessary energy to continue your journey.

Hiking in Stelvio National Park – this is how it’s done

While hiking in Stelvio National Park it is essential to have the right gear (weatherproof clothing, good footwear, adequate food supplies and possibly trekking poles), a realistic evaluation of your own skills and level of fitness and the awareness that we are mere visitors in this natural treasure and thus should be respectful with the environment. Check the weather forecasts on the previous or same day for a safe trip and you are all set for hiking at Stelvio National Park.  

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